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Events are an activity linked to so many fundamental areas of modern society that it is difficult to quantify the full extent of its importance. Economically they represent millions of jobs. They are crucial for cultural purposes. Socially, they give meaning to people's lives. The pandemic crisis and the suspension of this activity made it evident that life cannot continue without the return of events.
Passe-19 is the result of a joint venture from companies in the health and technology areas that, since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, have been extremely involved in solving it. It was from the accumulation of experiences that the idea of creating an integral solution to solve the urgent need to safely resume events arose.

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Back to events yes, but safely! 

Just as it is clear that events must come back, it is clear that this cannot mean any increased risk in terms of public health. Passe-19 draws on several European experiences to develop a compliance that makes it safe to hold events.

The best case study of using a massive testing strategy comes from Slovakia: Over a 2-week period, 80% of the population was tested using rapid antigen tests. With 50,000 cases identified, combined with other public health measures, it reduced the incidence of the virus by 82% within 2 weeks. In this sense, the private sector, through events with mandatory testing, can give decisive help by encouraging testing, identifying asymptomatic individuals and thus allowing their isolation and treatment, with the a expectable reduction in the number of infections.


By protecting your event you are protecting your brand!

  • Avoid legal liabilities by ensuring the safety of all participants in your event.
  • Protect your business from criticism by betting on the best Covid-19 security measures.
  • With Passe-19 you ensure a true Covid-19 compliance process in a completely viable way.
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On those days when we are going to celebrate a wedding, baptism, birthday or other memorable date, it is good to ensure the safety of everyone present. Pre-testing is a way to ensure that the memory of a special celebration will be entirely happy and that Covid-19 is not invited to the party.

Fairs and congresses

The fair and congress industry is essential for all economic activity and its importance is so vast that it is difficult to quantify. It makes it possible for companies to meet, facilitate business and exportations, promote exchanges of critical mass like no other activity. It also raises the challenge of bringing together thousands of people from many places of the globe. For this reason, they need additional care and a carefully thought-out compliance.

casamentos, batizados, festas passe-19
Cultural events

Cultural events also have several variables, which require different solutions. The artist's dimension, being indoors or outdoors, sitting or standing, the number of accesses to the venue, are just some of these variables. For this reason, Passe-19 has developed several dynamic protocols, always accompanied by massive testing, to ensure maximum security.

casamentos, batizados, festas passe-19
Outdoor Events

Outdoor events may seem simpler because with more space and more air circulation the risk of contagion is itself reduced. However, they add new challenges such as access control or the lack of sanitation equipment. In addition to the need for pre-testing.

Security with maximum requirement 

Safety, to be achieved, must be worked in multiple factors, in order to allow different levels of prevention.In an event, social distancing becomes quite difficult to be guaranteed. Pre-testing solves much of the problem. But we do not neglect other factors that add more layers of security. 

testes rapidos passe-19
All Tested 

The first level of security! The Rapid-test ensures that participants are not in the contagion phase, with sensitivity above 92% and specificity reaching 99.9%. The European experience demonstrates that mass testing helps to fight the pandemic, once asymptomatic, an extremely active contagion group, are identified.

Testing Network 

For the operation to be effective, the test points must be proportional to the number of people expected at the event. Testing is a critical moment because the people who go for do not know yet whether or not they are contagion agents. For this reason, Passe-19 uses scheduling software, connected to a network of locations  in order to organize the the proper flow of people in each location.

Forma Simples de Comunicar
A Simple Way to Communicate 

The only way to guarantee the proper functioning of a pre-testing operation is through technology. For this reason, Passe-19 uses SnapTest, a solution that allows online scheduling, organize all the logistics, connect the testing network that is designed for each event and communicate this network directly to the event participants' cell phones. This way, crowding during testing is avoided and, more importantly, the result is communicated in such a way that the positives are immediately isolated, informed of the right legal protocol and do not attend the event.

Logistica Civid-19
Onsite Logistics 

Depending on the characteristics of each event, specific needs arise that have to be implemented: distribution of masks, disinfectant, placement of mobile testing points (drive and walk thru), nurses or delivery of rapid tests defined in the compliance.

Controle de acessos covid-19
Access Control 

A crucial part of the operation. With Passe-19 and through SnapTest we are able to send the result of their quick test to the participants' cell phones, informing them on the one hand if they are negative and thus providing an entrance test and, in cases of positive result, offering instructions for how to proceed in accordance with the health regulations of the region for which the event is intended.

Passe 19 segurança extra
Extra security 

Even with pre-testing, for larger events, some extra measures may be needed. Disinfection material remains necessary because although the rapid test establishes that the participant is not in the contagion phase, Covid-19 resists on surfaces (sometimes for more than 72 hours), which means that people can carry it in your hands (for example). For this reason, promoting disinfection and even - at some moments during the event - the use of masks (approved and new) further increases the safety belt offered by Passe-19.

Disclaimer: Important security notice! 

The procedures and recommendations of Passe-19 follow the most recent guidelines, pilots and studies practiced in Europe. At no time do they intend to exclude the recommendations published by the WHO, Ministry of Health or by local Government Entities, which are the guiding basis of the work of Passe-19. The compliance followed by Passe-19 cannot in any way conflict with general labor laws, occupational safety or collective agreements.

Passe-19 guarantees the quality and rigor of its compliance, as well as the aspects that it implements such compliance, but, at no time, the event producer should cease to be responsible for the good compliance with local sanitary rules and regulations. 


Here you can find some of the questions you may have about Covid-19 Compliance. If you don't find your question answered, please send us a question by email. We would be happy to respond quickly and would be grateful for your cooperation. 

No. Rapid antigen tests do not detect the genetic makeup of the virus, as PCR tests do, but the proteins present in the mucos. They are like pregnancy tests, with certainty margins above 99%. They are markers as predictors of infection by COVID 19 and of the possibility of viral replication and, consequently, of the person being a transmitter of the virus. For the purposes of holding an event what we need to determine is that the existence of an event that brings people together does not necessarily contribute to the increase in contagion.

Varies from test to test. In the case of Passe-19 we only recommend tests with result reliability above 99%.

With pre-testing and some additional measures, they do not increase, as long as a logistical operation is set up that avoids agglomerations, before testing. Once people are tested, as long as within a safe timeline, the risk of contagion is very low. The accessory effect is that, because the event stimulates testing, it is possible to identify asymptomatic individuals, who are a risk group of people that cause contagion because they are not aware that they are carriers of the disease. Which means that the events, somehow, can help to identify possible carriers and guide their proper isolation, helping in some way to reduce the spread of the virus.

Yes, in the sense that we proceed with our proposals for compliance following the WHO guidelines and the pilots carried out in Europe. Regarding rapid tests, we also chose only those whose results are scientifically proven and which are aproved on the WHO and also in the local Health Regulators. We also have within our strength medical consultants partners in the health sector.

No. There is an adjustment to the scale of the event and also to the specific characteristics of the type of event. Outdoor or indoor, sitting or standing, with or without circulation, the potential need for material exchanges (such as at a congress or an anniversary), number of accesses to the venue and even how to get to the event are just examples of differentiating factors .

As our work begins with the construction of a guiding document with the safety rules appropriate to the event and as these rules follow international guidelines with full scientific basis, the Passe-19 ends up facilitating the defense of the event and its consequent licensing.

It depends on the scale and complexity of the event. When you request a Covid-19 safety compliance, we send a questionnaire with the necessary information and then we present a proposal with values and a description of what we intend to apply. In the case of approval, the compliance amount is charged which, in a second phase, if implemented by Passe-19, is subtracted from the final amount.

These are the locations where quick testing can be done. Something crucial because the big challenge is not to allow gatherings and agglomerations before proceeding with the testing. The number of locations must be sufficient for the amount of audience desired, have a varied format to mitigate the risk (walk thru, drive thru and fixed points) and be available in a system that informs the public via their cell phone, allow scheduling like this as the communication of the result.

The sensitivity of rapid tests is less than of molecular tests. For this reason, they can indicate false negatives in people with a low viral load. Hence, it cannot be said that the negative does not have covid-19 but that it is substantially safe to say that it does not have enough viral load to be contagious. False positives are rarer and can also occur although in this case they are disturbing to the recipient but pose no danger. Therefore, a positive must immediately carry out a molecular test, as well as a negative that shows symptoms must be isolated and immediately proceed to a laboratory test.

Currently, it is estimated that the incubation period of the disease (time elapsed from exposure to the virus until the onset of symptoms) is between 1 and 14 days. In most cases, symptoms begin to appear between the 3rd and 5th day.

The vaccine will reduce the risk of developing complications from covid-19, but its impact on the virus infection remains unclear. Vaccinated individuals have a lower risk of complications, but it is possible that vaccinated people will become infected and transmit the disease even if they do not develop symptoms or develop mild symptoms. It is still unknown whether being vaccinated prevents asymptomatic infection. Vaccines protect against the disease, but not necessarily against being a “carrier” and transmitting the virus without showing symptoms. Masks and distancing prevent us from infecting other people if we are “carriers” of the virus without knowing it.

The person can transmit the infection about one to two days before symptoms appear, however, the person is more infectious during the symptomatic period, even if the symptoms are mild and very non-specific. It is estimated that the infectious period lasts from 7 to 12 days in moderate cases and up to two weeks, on average, in severe cases.


Passe-19 is a multidisciplinary company. With a lot of people involved, from several different areas, the representatives of each relevant area are a group of experienced people. 

Miguel Corte Real
Miguel Corte-Real
Communication and Consultancy

Responsible for communication between all stakeholders in the process. As a career advertiser, he supports Passe-19 clients' efforts to proper communicate safety in all events. Also work as consultant to several partners and client of Passe-19, offering the experience of Passe-19 to other event organizers.

Jeannine Cantarelli produtora Passe-19
Jeannine Cantarelli
Executive Producer  

With over 30 years of experience, she has been a producer of large-scale events such as the Salvador Summer Festival, the Olympic Torch Tour or the Year of Brazil in France. Ensures that the procedures work in harmony with the needs, operationalizing the logistical efficiency of the production teams, the public and the event.

Mirella Park Passe-19
Mirella Park
Event Manager 

Advertising professional who has been working in the event area for 13 years, specializing in the market for social events, such as weddings and large celebrations. Her contribution is to bridge the gap between the need for a safe return with the application of health compliance and a happy experience for all participants.

Janah Cardoso Passe 19
Janah Cardoso Silva
Health Manager 

Public Manager, owner of Minha Clínica, working in Health Management for 13 years in Alagoas.
Operational representative in the Northeast of Brazil, working with a multidisciplinary team specialized in events and with a physical service point in Maceió – AL. 

Hugo Melim Passe-19
Hugo Melim
TI - Product Owner

Product Owner of SnapTest, the technological solution used by Passe-19. It is responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the tool that regulates the massive testing schedules and which also allows the operation to be organized in terms of a management and reporting system.

Bruno Pereira Passe-19
Bruno Pereira
Covid-19 Compliance

Responsible for the adequacy and application of health safety compliance for each type of event, according to the size and according to European parameters.


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